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Meditation - Yoga - Buddhism

Buddhist meditation and Hatha yoga are ex­cel­lent and re­nowned tools to develop men­tal strength and a healthy body. The med­i­ta­tion and yoga tech­niques pre­sent­ed here are suit­able for beginners and will, if prac­ticed cor­rect­ly, improve your mental well-­being and bodily health.
The Bud­dhism page offers ar­ti­cles about De­pend­ent Orig­ination, Karma, Merit, Non-Self, The Five Ag­gre­gates, Free will and Bhik­khuni or­di­na­tion.

Avalokitesvara statue with Buddhist monks Buddhist monks with Avalo­kites­vara statue on Koh Samui, Thailand


Human life is a complex inter­action be­tween body, mind, social and nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment. In order to live a healthy and happy life in tune with nature, the physical, emo­tion­al, intel­lec­tual and spir­itu­al facets of life need to be balanced.

Asia offers tools like yoga and med­ita­tion which will help enjoy­ing life in a more healthy body with a sound and content mind in tune with nature.

A trained body is less prone to injuries and even if weak­ness, sick­ness, and bodily dis­com­fort cannot always be avoided, the spir­i­tu­al de­vel­op­ment will help to deal with them more wisely, with less suf­fer­ing of the mind.

A content and happy mind then does not feel the urge to constantly seek­ing pleasure out­side our­selves, thus reducing our demands and the pressure on the en­vi­ron­ment and the resources of the planet.

The Yoga respective the Medi­ta­tion pag­es of this web­site will offer tech­niques and ex­er­cises, arti­cles and books to benefit body and mind.

The yoga part is suitable for people with normal health for their ages. The exer­cises intro­duced are designed for be­gin­ners in­clud­ing seniors; they are generally easy to learn and to do, fos­ter­ing har­mo­ni­ous co­or­di­na­tion of the breathing and bodily move­ments and prepare for more chal­leng­ing pos­tures.

The recently added Buddhism page offers essen­tial and some­what con­tro­ver­sial topics viewed from a Thera­vāda-Bud­dhist per­spec­tive. At present five topics: 'Non-­self and the Five Aggre­gates', 'The Here-­and-­Now Inter­pretation of De­pend­ent Orig­ination - Paticca­samuppada', 'Karma and Merit', 'Free Will in Bud­dhism and Western Phi­los­ophy' and 'Bhik­khuni ordi­na­tion con­tro­ver­sy' are offered for down­loading free of charge.